Considering a professional transition amid the pandemic?

by Rebecca Conway and Sydney Olszewski
Charles Aris Inc.

COVID-19 has significantly impacted organizations and the people within them. Companies across many industries have reacted to this novel coronavirus by altering their business models and transitioning their team members to a remote work environment. Many professionals have been forced to deal with the reality of layoffs or furloughs.

While unemployment remains high in the United States, we’re beginning to see some of the widespread hardship and struggle transform into stories of entrepreneurship, new business ventures and major career changes.

For many people around the world, this sea change has served as a catalyst for much-needed professional and personal transitions. You may find yourself in the same situation.

Picture this: You’re in month seven of quarantine and, whether you’ve continued to work remotely or search for a new opportunity – or both – you’ve had a chance to reflect on your career trajectory. You might feel stuck or perhaps less passionate about your current position or organization than in years past. If you’re thinking about trying something new, it’s OK to make that jump, even during a pandemic.

This could be one of the best times for a career change. It might sound out of reach but if so many others have done it, why can’t you? Some organizations are done playing catch-up in response to the pandemic and are now gearing up to go on the offensive. Teams are adapting to this new normal – just like you are – and with this adaptation comes the need for new roles and the resulting need to fill them. Jobs are out there … and if positions in certain functions aren’t already open, they soon will be.

The double-edged sword here? You’re not the only one looking. There are millions of professionals vying for jobs right now, whether in pursuit of a new opportunity, a career change or a position that will provide security.

Have you spoken with a recruiter in the past? Reach back out!

If you keep waiting for perfect timing, you’ll never actually take the plunge. So spruce up your résumé, give your LinkedIn profile a refresh and pick up the phone: Opportunity awaits!