Employee retention: A recruiter’s perspective

by Derek Gracey
Senior Associate Practice Leader at Charles Aris Executive Search

It’s no secret that we’re in what is perhaps the most competitive talent market in recent history; most workplaces are having regular conversations about the ongoing war for top talent. Attracting new team members and, even more importantly, retaining current ones are vital to healthy organizations.

As executive search professionals, we get an interesting look at both sides of this equation as we’re advising client organizations on how to attract world-class talent for their teams and, at the same time, speaking with potential candidates who are considering their career options. When it comes to employee retention, there are a few things to consider:


Most organizations have had to be incredibly flexible over the past 18 months, and it looks like that flexibility may be here to stay. Many team members are eager to keep their remote work setup, but plenty are ready to get back to the office. That means leaders might need to adapt their remote work policy if they want to keep their most valued team members. It’s no longer a one-size-fits-all approach, and right now employees can easily find another job that offers them the right level of flexibility.


An engaged workforce is usually a happier and more productive workforce. With more team members working remotely or within a hybrid framework that includes spending at least a portion of their professional time in the office, employee engagement can be even more challenging to achieve – which makes it even more important. The most successful leaders and organizations are finding ways to get creative with a mix of small team huddles and large group sessions.


Communication is always key, but that’s especially true now. As we continue to navigate a virtual or hybrid work environment, we realize just how important small talk around the office may be. That means leaders and managers must be even more intentional about creating opportunities for communication across teams and throughout their entire organizations.


A strong workplace culture can help alleviate a lot of other challenges, especially employee retention. If team members feel they’re positively impacting their organization and that their work matters as valued contributors, they’re much less likely to jump ship for other opportunities. It takes a conscious effort and investment from leaders throughout the organization to foster and promote a strong culture – but the results are well worth it.

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