Engineering & Operations practice now emphasizes supply chain as well

by Greg Harper, Sarah Becker, and Heather Kivett 
Charles Aris Executive Search

Charles Aris Executive Search is excited to announce the rebranding of its Engineering & Operations recruiting practice to Engineering, Operations & Supply Chain in 2021.

Why the change? Supply chain is playing a more integral role in the operations of organizations around the world, and the firm’s executive search team thinks it’s time to better recognize and share its expertise in the space.

Many factors continue to demand more sophisticated supply chain practices: Increasing customer demand for delivery speed and precision; competition from countries new to the arena; COVID-19; and political tensions are all resulting in more dynamic supply chain challenges and opportunities than ever. The residual shift to e-commerce — alongside the impact of tariffs — has led to a greater need for radical-thinking supply chain professionals.

Having the right people in place to meet the growing demands of today’s supply chain requirements is crucial for identifying and addressing the needs of consumers. Business consumers are expecting and demanding that correct product assortments be available at the proper location(s) with prompt delivery times and quick customer service. We expect these trends to grow throughout 2021 and that supply chain needs will continue to be a focus within the consumer and industrial sectors for years to come.

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