How to hire A-level engineers in a competitive job market

by Greg Harper and Heather KivettSenior Vice President and Associate Practice Leader at Charles Aris Inc.

Effective recruiting practices are a unique balance of art and science. Experts in each function and industry of business tend to respond differently to a variety of terms and tactics which can be employed by internal human resource teams and external recruiting firms.

Whether you..

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A.I.’s impact on contact centers

Q&A with Michael RiekBPO & Contact Centers practice leader at Charles Aris Inc.

What is A.I.?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of software or a machine to think and learn. A.I. technologies are still maturing, so the ability for A.I. to self-learn (via machine learning) isn’t fully developed. When we think of A.I. in contact centers, it’s typically deployed to work and react like human..

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The Charles Aris Recruiting Internship: Developing our talent pipeline

Charles Aris senior associate Andrew Reynolds and associate Brayden Currin sat down with marketing associate Sydney Olszewski and marketing intern Cameron Warren to discuss the executive search firm’s recruiting internship program and how it can lead to full-time roles.

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Private equity acquisitions and investments plentiful in BPO

by Michael RiekPractice Leader at Charles Aris Inc.

Private equity firms are sitting on massive amounts of cash and are looking for companies in which to invest. Every quarter, we’re learning of these investments, acquisitions and mergers in the largest organizations in the Business Process Outsourcing sector. These firms are growing organically but are growing at a much faster rate through..

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What does digital transformation mean for contact centers and BPOs?

by Michael RiekPractice Leader at Charles Aris Inc.

Let’s first define “digital” … as it relates to the customer experience, we should think of digital as the rate of change based on rapid adoption of technology. Organizations which provide customer service need to understand how technology can improve the customer experience, but investing in digital technology is not a completed digital..

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