Private equity leaders face dearth of top F&A talent

by Jim Etling and David PortneyCharles Aris Executive Search

Private equity is booming, but there’s an area of concern beneath the headlines. It poses a serious threat to firms and portfolio companies alike: quality senior finance and accounting talent.

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Employee retention: A recruiter’s perspective

by Derek GraceySenior Associate Practice Leader at Charles Aris Executive Search

It’s no secret that we’re in what is perhaps the most competitive talent market in recent history; most workplaces are having regular conversations about the ongoing war for top talent. Attracting new team members and, even more importantly, retaining current ones are vital to healthy organizations.

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Marketing post-pandemic: “Phygital” takeaways for your strategy

by Jules Miller Marketing & Digital Intern at Charles Aris Executive Search

Even as restrictions are beginning to ease in many regions around the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the marketing world is here to stay. So how can you help your business navigate this new kind of limbo between pandemic and post-pandemic life?

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Spotlight: Colleen Morgan humanizes Human Capital for all

by Madison NanceMarketing Associate at Charles Aris Executive Search

The beginning

As a 6-year-old girl living in New York City, all Colleen Morgan knew was church and family. Little did she, her sister or father know that what they knew as a family was going to change forever.

When a sudden brain aneurysm took the life of the girls’ hard-working mother, the family had to quickly adjust to..

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How transparency can positively affect your next job search

by Julia OpaleskiAssociate Practice Leader at Charles Aris Executive Search

As an executive recruiter, my focus is people. I learn about them, hear their stories and give my opinion on whether or not they’re a technical and cultural fit for my client. I look at a lot of résumés and combinations of experiences, but one thing that typically doesn’t read from a résumé is emotional intelligence..

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