Career crossroads: What to weigh when considering relocation

by Sam CatronSenior Associate Recruiter at Charles Aris Inc.

Any time you make a career change, your life undoubtedly changes. You’ll meet and build relationships with new colleagues. You’ll have a new boss and, more than likely, you’ll go into a new office – and sometimes that office might not be in the same city. When you’re faced with relocation for a new career opportunity, there are..

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Creative ways to land top talent in a tight market

by Greg Harper and Heather Kivett with Cameron WarrenCharles Aris Inc.

Talent acquisition in today’s career marketplace begins with creativity. To land A-level leaders, hiring authorities must find ways to differentiate themselves and their organizations from competitors. Many employers think this process starts with the offer, but top talent acquisition actually begins with the first..

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Minimum wage increases may buoy nearshore and offshore BPOs

by Michael RiekPractice Leader at Charles Aris Inc.

The impacts of rising minimum wages in the United States are hard to predict and might be quite different for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms and internal or “captive” contact centers.

As wages rise in pockets of the country, several things may occur. Organizations with internal contact centers will perhaps be more apt to reduce..

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How to hire A-level engineers in a competitive job market

by Greg Harper and Heather KivettSenior Vice President and Associate Practice Leader at Charles Aris Inc.

Effective recruiting practices are a unique balance of art and science. Experts in each function and industry of business tend to respond differently to a variety of terms and tactics which can be employed by internal human resource teams and external recruiting firms.

Whether you..

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A.I.’s impact on contact centers

Q&A with Michael RiekBPO & Contact Centers practice leader at Charles Aris Inc.

What is A.I.?

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of software or a machine to think and learn. A.I. technologies are still maturing, so the ability for A.I. to self-learn (via machine learning) isn’t fully developed. When we think of A.I. in contact centers, it’s typically deployed to work and react like human..

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