Make the most of social media in today’s business world (Part II of II)

by Sydney OlszewskiSenior Marketing Associate at Charles Aris Inc.

In the series opener, we discussed what social media can do for your organization. This edition will tackle a different angle: what social media can do for you.

As of March 31, 2019, there were more than 2.38 billion active monthly users on Facebook. That’s billion with a B. If you’re reading this right now, there’s a high..

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Social media in today’s business world (Part I of II)

by Sydney Olszewski Senior Marketing Associate at Charles Aris Inc.

Social media: the technological giants taking over the way we communicate, interact with others and, dare I say, do business?

That’s right. The same platforms you lean on to connect with that old college friend, keep up with family and scroll mindlessly through – when you should be doing other things – can also be game..

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The Power of LinkedIn (Part II): How to use it effectively in an active job search

by Devin Treger & Ashlee WagnerCharles Aris Inc.

As discussed in Part One of this two-part series, LinkedIn is critical if you want to engage with your professional network. Whether you’re searching for new opportunities, networking with experts and peers or just trying to stay connected with what’s happening in your industry, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can be a great aid no matter the..

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The Power of LinkedIn (Part I): Why it remains important for pros everywhere

by Devin Treger & Ashlee WagnerCharles Aris Inc.

If you aren’t maximizing the use of your LinkedIn profile, chances are you’re missing out! Executives engage on LinkedIn for three primary reasons: to search for new job opportunities; to network with peers; and to stay connected with experts and their ideas.

Whether LinkedIn is used to seek career opportunities or to connect with peers, it’s a..

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