What does digital transformation mean for contact centers and BPOs?

by Michael Riek
Practice Leader at Charles Aris Inc.

Let’s first define “digital” … as it relates to the customer experience, we should think of digital as the rate of change based on rapid adoption of technology. Organizations which provide customer service need to understand how technology can improve the customer experience, but investing in digital technology is not a completed digital transformation journey.

In a call center, digital transformation is a strategic plan that integrates call-center representatives, digital technologies and customer touch points. Omnichannel silos are broken down and unified for a more personalized customer experience and more efficient business process.

Digitizing existing services without an overall strategic approach is not innovative. In fact, many customer service organizations which merely adopt new technology without a strategic plan may not receive the benefits of a more positive customer experience, efficiencies or competitive gains.

Organizations which think they’ve gone through a digital transformation may be thinking about technology adoption as a short-term investment. Digital transformation requires a change in the culture of an organization – one that recognizes the integration of new technologies, agent activities and business intelligence, all of which can drive growth. It creates significant benefits for customers and contact centers alike.

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