Derek Gracey earns promotion to associate practice leader

by Sydney Olszewski
Senior Marketing Associate at Charles Aris Inc.

International executive recruiting firm Charles Aris Inc. announced the promotion of Derek Gracey from senior associate recruiter to associate practice leader. In his new role, Derek will add business development responsibilities across the human capital sector to his functional recruiting efforts in Strategy & Corporate Development.

“I’m excited to continue moving up at Charles Aris”, Gracey said. “It’s a great place to learn and grow, and I’m looking forward to taking on more leadership responsibilities as I move into the associate practice leader role.”

Prior to joining Charles Aris, Gracey attended Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in music education. He later attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, earning his master’s degree in music performance while working as a graduate teaching assistant in the university’s music department.

“Derek has been tenacious about finding great talent for our clients since Day One at Charles Aris, and we’re excited about his budding expertise in human capital,” said senior associate practice leader Ashlee Wagner. “On top of the work he does for his clients, Derek is also a cultural beacon here, spearheading changes to our associate recruiting program, taking part in our training committee, and being a formal and informal mentor to new associates.”

Charles Aris welcomed Gracey to the team in November 2015. He quickly emerged as a top performer and has now garnered two promotions. Senior leaders are enthusiastic about his future with the firm.

“Derek is extremely motivated and has a great work ethic. He is very forward thinking and has driven the strategy behind many searches that we have partnered on together,” commented Jill Jitima, a senior practice leader at the firm. “Derek also has a natural ability to build trust with both candidates and clients and has been a valuable thought partner for me while building my own practice. I’m very excited about his future and look forward to his continued professional development.”

To learn more about Charles Aris Inc.’s strategy and corporate development recruitment services in the human capital sector, call Derek Gracey at (336) 378-1818, extension 9152, or email him at