Internship spotlight: Develop your personal brand

by Gianna Rispoli

Marketing Intern at Charles Aris Executive Search

Brands go far to prove their product is the best, and you can apply the same philosophy to yourself. Your personal brand is all about telling your story in a way that promotes the skills you have to offer and that makes you stand out among peers.

To begin forming this image, identify your strengths and find what makes you unique. Once you can list those skills, determine the best way to showcase them. If you’re great at working in a team, keep one of your past collaborative projects on hand to share. If you’re especially proficient at time management, find a way to demonstrate your punctuality to others.

Your personal brand also requires a robust online presence. Create a digital portfolio, build out your LinkedIn page and share your resume across platforms. Your online image is a powerful tool that you can use to show off your accomplishments and personality. Capitalize on social media platforms as they continue to offer diverse ways to express creativity.

Here are three ways to use social media as a branding resource:
  • Reshare LinkedIn posts that interest you: While it’s important to post your own accomplishments and other relevant content, don’t forget to show your network what you’re interested in. Research current trends and articles that you relate to and share that content to grow as a thought leader.
  • Join groups that focus on relevant industries: Find LinkedIn and Facebook groups that interest you and jump into the discussion to share your own thoughts about relevant topics. This is an effective way to share your voice with a new audience and expand your current network.
  • Respond to comments and replies: Engaging with your followers is beneficial for you and your network. Offering insight and making conversation will help you broaden your reach while doing the same for others.
Once you’ve organized your portfolio and social media accounts, spend time preparing an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a succinct spiel that encapsulates all the skills you can offer to an individual or organization. Whether you’re applying for a new job, looking to expand your networking capabilities or are aiming to find your professional niche, you should be able to describe your worth quickly and effectively to those around you.

If you’re having trouble deciding what aspects of yourself should translate into your brand, think about your day-to-day life. What do you find important? Take that and incorporate it into your image. In a competitive world, it’s important to find your edge. This will allow you to grow individually and will help you advance in your career.

Finally, don’t forget that you are your own brand. Build this public image based on your authentic self, and trust that you’re the most qualified person to display the amazing things you can offer to the world.
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