What we’re seeing this quarter in the finance and accounting space

by Joe Opaleski

In Q4 of 2021, the Charles Aris Finance & Accounting Practice shared the biggest takeaways of the year as organizations developed strategies to rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the economy now takes another turn due to rising inflation rates and a hot talent market, we’re seeing notable developments in compensation and hiring practices. Here are the biggest takeaways for 2022 so far for hiring authorities and candidates in the finance and accounting landscape.

  • All hiring authorities are experiencing compensation inflation. Charles Aris recruiters are seeing a minimum 10-15% above planned budget for all F&A roles, and as much as 25% for certain opportunities.
  • Equity at layers below the CFO is now expected in some form for candidates to consider new roles. This isn’t necessarily taking the form of traditional equity (profits interest or % ownership) but must tie F&A leaders and controllers to the value-add for the business.
  • The demand for F&A talent continues at record-high levels, and, depending on current macroeconomic conditions, we expect that to continue through Q3 of 2023.
  • Top talent isn’t staying on the market for very long, and we’re encouraging clients to move quickly when they find the individuals they want to hire.  

If you’re interested in reviewing more specific information about finance and accounting compensation trends, download our latest report with data from offers we’ve coordinated in this space. Also, please reach out to a member of the Finance & Accounting Practice if you’re a hiring authority looking to work with us or a candidate seeking new opportunities.